Travel New Zealand Caves and Glow Worms, travel guide

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Travel New Zealand Caves and Glow Worms, travel guide

Glow worms shining in the caves.

As you may know, New Zealand is a country that suitable for driving a great trip. From Rotorua, I have to visit Waitomo Caves, it located at the south of Waikato city.

Words Waitomo come from the native language two words are “wai” means “water” and the word “tomo” means “cave” when used together, so mean. Water flowing through caves. Cave is expected at least two million years.

Glow worms trap

Inside of Waitomo Caves including three main caves are Ruakuri Cave, Aranui Cave and Gardner’s Gut. It have stalactite and stalagmites and glow worms.

Glow worms trap 2

Grow Worm is the main purpose for this city. It is maggot and the embryo during this period so called glow worms on the adult after that they will become the insects and looks like a mosquito.

Glow worms trap 3

Hunting victims of grow worms, they have a blue light on their backside caused by a chemical reaction. They use it as a lure to attract insects. they will release fibers like silk. When the victim will fall into trap Fiber, it will act like a hook to hang it out.

Glow worms trap 4
Glow worms


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