Review Sushi Restaurant: Ginza Kyubey (Kyubei), Tokyo

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Review Sushi Restaurant: Ginza Kyubey (Kyubei): A few months ago we went to Ginza for Travelling. During that time, we have lunch at the Kyubey Sushi restaurant. This restaurant is famous in Sushi for long time ago. And we will review this restaurant for everyone.

As you may know that, Sushi is the most famous traditional food in Japan. Many tourists thought that if we need to eat the best sushi, then we have to go to the Tsukiji fish market. But that is not always true!

Acutely, the reason that why the Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji fish market are popular for tourist because it is located near the fish market and they think that the fish quality should be fresh and good, but for the Sushi restaurants in Ginza are the only one that can bids all the basest fishes from this markets. Then, the fish qualities for the sushi restaurants in Ginza are better than the Sushi restaurants in the Tsukiji fish market.

Ginza Kyubey (Kyubei) Restaurant Information:

Address: 7-6, Ginza 8-chome, Chuo-ku,Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
Map direction:
Tel: (81 33) 571 6523
Open: Monday till Saturday, 11.30 – 14.00 and 17.00 – 22.00
English menu is available.
Price: 15,000++ Yen for Lunch course and 30,000++ Yen for Dinner course.
Note: if you need to dinner after 18.30, the restaurant is required you to make a reservation first.

Photo Gallery:

Ginza Kyubey review – Appetizer: Bai-gai

Ginza Kyubey review: Hotaru-Ika

Ginza Kyubey review: Hon-Maguro

Ginza Kyubey review: Aori Ika

Ginza Kyubey review: Kohada

Ginza Kyubey review: Tori-gai

Ginza Kyubey review: Kuruma Ebi

Ginza Kyubey review: Kuruma Ebi Sushi

Ginza Kyubey review: Anago

Ginza Kyubey review: Katsuo Tataki

Ginza Kyubey review: Uni

Ginza Kyubey review: Aji

Ginza Kyubey review: Otoro

Ginza Kyubey review: Miru-Gai

Ginza Kyubey review: Engawa
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  1. I very love this restaurant. More over, all fishes are very fresh, and the chef has more experiences about sushi. Even if the price is quite expensive but if compare with the food quality then is acceptable for me.

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