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London is the capital city and the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. This city is home to just some of the most interesting and exciting things in the world. It offers views and stories of historic buildings and monuments both in real life and in top museums.

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament – Photo by flickr/sermoa

This is the place where the laws that are implemented in the country are debated and then enacted. During the summer, tourists are can get tickets to tour Parliament. This structure also contains the world-famous Big Ben. This is an ornate and gilded clock tower that carries a 13-ton main bell. [link]

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge – Photo by flickr/stewartmorris

Over a hundred years old, the Tower Bridge is considered to be the most famous and probably the oldest attraction. It has twin drawbridges that weighs 1,000 tons a piece and is raised to make way for large barges and ships that pass under it. [link]

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace – Photo by flickr/arnybo

Otherwise known as the “Buck House”, this structure has long been the home of the line of monarchs that has served the country. Built in 1702, this is known as the largest private house in all of London, housing more the 600 rooms. [link]

London Eye

London Eye – Photo by flickr/rabin~

This London attraction is the largest observation wheel in the world. In over 30 minutes, tourists can see the whole of the city in a 360-degree view. It rises at 135 meters over the Thammes River, giving a beautiful view of the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, along with the banks and other rivers. [link]

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square – Photo by flickr/Ann Catrin Brockman

The Trafalgar Square used to be a place that is teeming with pigeons. Now, it has turned into a venue for political rallies. What make this place popular among tourists are the 4 20-feet majestic lions that guard the base of Nelson’s column as well as the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. [link]

The Tower of London

The Tower of London – Photo by flickr/Pikesville

Overlooking the river in the east, the Tower of London has been used for many purposes such as a prison, royal residence, armory, and observatory. Currently, it is used safety place for the Crown Jewels. This is the major reason why so many tourists flock to this place today. [link]

The British Museum

Mummy at British Museum – Photo by flickr/Mike Monteiro

Attracting millions of visitors each year, this museum houses collections of almost every variation there is. Its 2.5 miles of galleries gives you a peek at displays from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China along with antiques and prints from the Renaissance and Anglo-Saxon era of the country. [link]

Tate Gallery of Modern Art

Tate Gallery of Modern Art – Photo by flickr/gunnsteinlye

Formerly a 130-million pound old power station, this building has now become a gallery of modern sculpture and art. It showcases contemporary art from various countries which are classified into themed groups. [link]

National Gallery

National Gallery – Photo by flickr/jamesmellor

Located right next to the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery is the home of some of the most celebrated collections in the world. Displayed works of some of the most noted artists include that of Titian, Monet, da Vinci, and Turner. [link]

The Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria & Albert Museum – Photo by flickr/jiruan

This museum is known as the home of applied arts with its attention-grabbing exhibits. It houses the largest collection of Indian art, 7 Rafael masterpieces, medieval and Renaissance works, and a collection of Samurai swords, among others. [link]

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