3 Best Surfing Beaches near Broadbeach

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Queensland’s Gold Coast boasts some of the best surfing in the world.  Surfers flock to this area for pristine sand, consistent tides, and amazing swells that make riding the Gold Coast’s surf worth the trip.  While there are many excellent beaches in this area, there are few that stand out as the most ‘boss’ beaches on the coast.  So, kick back, hang loose and check out our three top rated beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast region.

Straddie Beach or The Other Side  (T.O.S.)

3 Best Surfing Beaches near Broadbeach - Straddie Beach
Straddie Beach

Straddie Beach, referred to as The Other Side is located off South Stradbroke Island and delivers some of the best waves on the Gold Coast.  Due to man-made sand dredges, the breaks at T.O.S. are higher and more barreling than any other beach around.  Plus, Straddie Beach is only accessible by paddling across the seaway from Spit beach, which means that it won’t be overrun with novice surfers. For those experienced surfers only, T.O.S. features the gnarliest waves around.  If the waves don’t get you, then local denizens might!  The waterways around Stradbroke Island are a main thorough-way for migrating whales.  From June through October, be prepared to ride the waves with these massive mammals!
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Burleigh Heads Beach

3 Best Surfing Beaches near Broadbeach - Burleigh Heads Beach
Burleigh Heads Beach

The world-class break at Burleigh Heads offers surfers deep barrels and large swells.  Located on the southern end of the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads Beach is often dubbed as the ‘perfect ride.’  Adding to the epic draw of this beach, visitors must jump off the rock at the top of the cove’s headland and swim out 300 – 400 meters in order to catch the best waves.  Undercurrents are strong and surfing is fierce so experience is a must.  Plus, jagged rocks make navigating these waters challenging for even the professionals.  Overall, Burleigh Heads Beach is reserved for thrill seekers.

Surfers Paradise Beach

3 Best Surfing Beaches near Broadbeach - Surfers Paradise Beach
Surfers Paradise Beach – Photo by flickr/PJRobertson

If sun-kissed crowds, white sand, and a light surf are your thing, then Surfers’ Paradise Beach is your place.  Located in the heart of tourism fanfare, Surfers’ Paradise Beach allows visitors to test the waves between shopping and pubbing.  The ultimate location for chilling, this beach offers waves suitable for both beginners and more experienced surfers.  Also for beginners, there’s a multitude of rental shops and surfing classes.  However, the biggest attraction to Surfers’ Paradise Beach is the after-surf activities provided by the myriad of shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs.

All in all, the Gold Coast offers something for every level of surfing expertise.  Whether your looking for the Big Kahuna of waves, the thrill of dangerous tides, or just a great place to pass some lull-time, these three beaches have much to offer.  So, grab your board and head out to hang five on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

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