5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico’s Riviera Maya

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From adrenaline junkies to beach bums, Mexico’s River Riviera has so many things to offer. Located in the Quintana Roo state in the Yucatan Peninsula, this is peaceful place that promises to take you away from the stresses of the city life, even for just a while. If you are looking for reasons to get up and book that next flight out to Mexico, here are five reasons why you should. Now.

Riviera Maya Beaches

5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico's Riviera Maya - Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe
Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

To experience the best beaches that the region has to offer, go to the resort town of Playa Del Carmen where you can bathe in pristine waters and wiggle your toes in fine white sand. It has a rich reef habitat that attracts a wide array of marine animals. You should have no problem with the weather as it is sunny all year round. For the best among the best beaches, check into the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe.

You can lounge by the Caribbean, swimming pools, or the water park. You can snorkel and discover their rich sea life. Other activities such as sea kayaks, pedal boats, and ATV tours are also offered by the various resorts in the area.

Tulum Archaeological Zone

5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico's Riviera Maya - Tulum Archaeological
Tulum Archaeological

The glory days of this pre-Columbian megacity during the 13th to 15th centuries might already be long gone but its impressive ruins still stand today as a testimony of its former magnificence. Check out its thick stone walls and cliff perches overlooking the Caribbean.

If you are more of the laidback tourist, you should enjoy touring the silver market, the ruins, or watch a reenactment of a ritual based on ancient Totanac Indian rites. For the adventurous traveler, you can trek the 1-kilometer entrance to the ruins then hike down to the sea where you can swim to your heart’s content.

Resorts Spas

5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico's Riviera Maya - Resorts Spas in Riviera Maya
Resorts Spas in Riviera Maya

Spas are always a must-do for any vacation. If you are looking for some quality R&R, the luxurious spa treatments offered by the various resorts in the region should be more than enough to make you feel reenergized and refreshed afterwards.

Go for an hour-long massage in the quiet indoors or beach-side. You can also try the challenging Temazcal. This is based on the practices of the ancient Meso-America where you will sit around a fire while a Temazcalero leads a group healing ritual.

Endangered Sea Turtles

5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico's Riviera Maya - Centro Ecologico Akumal
Centro Ecologico Akumal

As you are snorkeling or swimming in the coastal waters, you may spot endangered loggerhead or green sea turtles. They are quite fearless of humans and it is kept that way by not touching or chasing them. You can offer your support to these marine reptiles.

Adopt a baby sea turtle through the Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA) or plan a volunteer-tourism trip during the turtle nesting season occurring the in the months of May to October.

Mexican Cuisine

5 Great Reasons to Visit Mexico's Riviera Maya - Tacos el pastor
Tacos el pastor

Go beyond the buffets offered by resorts will explore Mexican cuisine. You can have a deeper appreciation for their dishes in Playa Del Carmen. It might not be a Mexican cuisine hotspot but it would be a good place to start for travelers.

The Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe gives its guests a guided tour of their working kitchens with demos and tastings. You can also try El Fogon for its authentic Mexican dishes. Their tacos el pastor are a must-taste.

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