5 Most Expensive Restaurant Meals in the World

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Even in a struggling economy, a visit to a restaurant is one luxury that most people understand. Most restaurants have created specials and deals to accommodate the economical climate, but others continue to serve meals that cost upwards of €1000. Read on for a list of the 5 most expensive restaurant meals in the world.

5 Most Expensive Restaurant Meals in the World

5. Beef and Noodle Soup- Approx. $320USD

A high-class take on a popular meal, the Beef and Noodle Soup served at Niu Ba Ba in Taipei, Taiwan took Chef Wang Cong-Yuan almost 15 years to perfect. The soup is composed of up to six different types of stocks and one of 20+ different noodle varieties, each unique to the restaurant. It also contains four different types of slow-braised beef acquired from Australia, the U.S., Brazil and Japan. Read more

4. Chef’s Choice- Approx. $500USD

At Shaboo Restaurant in Las Vegas, there is no menu and customers pay a flat rate for assorted platters of high-quality Japanese foods, many of which are imported directly from Japan on a daily basis. Customers are treated to the hot pot experience, meaning that they prepare much of their own food at their tables, but use much more luxurious ingredients than in the traditional cuisine. Typically, guests are served nine courses from an unlisted menu that is created at Chef Masa Takayama’s whim. Read more

3. Tie: The Luxury Pizza and Zillion Dollar Frittata- Approx. $1000USD

The Luxury Pizza is a specialty item served at Nino’s Bellissima in New York City. It is a 12-inch thin crust pizza topped with crème fraiche, chives, lobster and six different types of caviar. New York is also home to the Zillion Dollar Frittata served at Norma’s Restaurant. This frittata contains six eggs, a whole lobster, and ten full ounces of Sevruga caviar. Incidentally, those who haven’t sated their taste for luxury after partaking in these meals can head to midtown restaurant Serendipity for a $1,000USD sundae layered in 23K gold leaf. More

2. Samundari Khazana Curry- Approx. $3,000USD

Translated, this dish’s name means ‘Seafood Treasure’, and rightfully so. It is served at London’s Bombay Brasserie and is priced at over $2,500USD. The dish is composed of a whole lobster topped with a mix of caviar and sea snails, among other luxury seafood ingredients. The lobster itself is coated with edible gold and prepared in white truffles, morel mushrooms, and a substantial amount of saffron- the most expensive culinary ingredient in the world. Read more

1. The Fleurburger 5000- Approx. $4,500USD

Created by former Top Chef Hubert Keller, the Fleurburger 5000 is served at the Fleur de Lys, an exclusive restaurant located in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. The burger is composed of the ultimate Kobe beef patty topped with foie gras and an amazing black truffle sauce. It is served on a truffle bun with an added side of whole black truffles. Some of the extreme price can be attributed to the 1995 bottle of Petrus wine poured into a pair of imported Italian crystal wine glasses. Guests get to keep the wine glasses and also obtain a certificate of authenticity on completion of the meal. Read more

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