Best Cities to Stay in Bali

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If you are someone who loves to travel and you want to go to a country that will give you a number of different experiences all in the same geographical location, you need to head to Bali! While Bali is justifiably famous for its tropical beaches and its gorgeous nature views, it is important to remember that it is also famous for its exciting and cosmopolitan cities. Consider what your options are when it comes to Bali’s cities and choose the ones that best suit you.


Denpasar is a city that is known for its hustle and if you want to make sure that you really touch ground in a real Bali city, it is definitely for you. There are plenty of museums and temples to see, and as this town is slightly off the beaten track for tourists, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of authentic Bali cuisine. When you go to Denpasar, make sure you look for the enormous Catur Muhka statue located in Puputan Square. This statue also makes a handy navigational aid as it is located in the center of the city. The Palace of Stria is another worthy place to visit.


Lovina is a city which is essentially composed of seven villages that have been merged together. This is a popular coastal area, where you can see Bali’s famous black beaches and go for a swim. This is a laid-back area if you just want to relax, and you’ll find that snorkeling and dolphin watching are two of the primary activities. If you are someone who wants to take it easy and to soak in the local atmosphere, this is definitely one place that you need to visit.


Ubud is a small city that is located further inland and at a higher elevation than the coastal regions. If you are tired of the heat of the coast, come to Ubud to cool things down a bit. While Ubud certainly has temples aplenty, make sure to that you hit some of the spectacular natural sights as well. Head to Bali Bird Park to see more than 250 birds on a 2 hectare park, and consider the Botanic Garden, where you can see some of the local flora. Monkey Forest is a sacred forest where you can see monkeys in the wild.


When it comes to Seminyak, you’ll find that there are few other places in Bali that are more luxurious or more sophisticated. This city is known for its excellent restaurants, its bars and its high-end fashion boutiques. Head to Seminyak when you are interested in fine dining and plenty of shopping. This is one of the best places in the country to buy couture clothing at low prices, and you’ll also find plenty of antiques and housewares as well. When you are looking for souvenirs, this is definitely the city for you.

If you are headed to Bali, be sure to consider what your options might be when it comes to the cities that you want to visit.

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