Top 5 Best Hiking Trails for Women in America

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Whether you’re a beginning hiker or an avid follower of the sport, there’s nothing quite like dressing up for the rugged outdoors and spending a day (or five) hiking through the wilderness. As a female hiker, it is important to be careful and know your limits, but also important to have fun and challenge yourself with new and unexpected terrain and locations. These top-five hiking trails for women are suitable for beginners to intermediate hikers. When hiking, you should always remember to dress appropriately, wear women’s hiking boots and to pack a first aid emergency kit as well as bottled water.

Glacier Gorge Hike

Glacier Gorge Hike

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, the Glacier Gorge Hike is a 9.6 mile trek though the Rocky Mountains. Possibly one of the most scenic hikes in the area, Glacier Gorge goes out and back to some 1,600 feet above sea level. Best of all, this hike makes a great one day or overnight trip for even beginning hikers. The hike is also appropriate for anyone who wants to camp in the mountains overnight. I like this hike because it’s beautiful and challenging but still easy enough for beginners.

Mount Whitney Hike

Mount Whitney Hike

In my humble opinion, any lady who likes to hike will love the Mount Whitney Hike. The 22 mile trail is located in Mount Whitney California and takes hikers up the side and to the top of the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. With breath-taking views, low oxygen levels and the climb of your life, this two-day hike is really something not to be missed. You should remember to pack either a tent, sleeping bag or stop at one of the designated sleeping areas on the way up.

Appalachian Trail: The Pinnacle Hike

The Pinnacle Hike

The Pinnacle is widely considered to be the best hiking trail in Pennsylvania. It features a dramatic climb up through mountains and comes to rest at a spectacular stone cliff looking out over Pennsylvania. It offers possibly the best view of the area which is only part of its stunning appeal. The hike is short enough to be completed in one day but is also challenging enough to be fun and offers a beautiful expanse of scenic views, stunning rock formations and wildlife. For the daredevils in the group, a vertical fissure cave that can be accessed by rock climbing and ropes.

Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Springs

Located in scenic Colorado, Conundrum offers possibly the most perfect women’s hike in the world. After hiking through the wilderness to see mountains, vistas and wildlife, you can relax in a secluded section of natural hot springs located at the end of the hike. The hike is around 8.5 miles long and can be completed in one day. The two hot springs can hold 4 and 12 people and average at about 95 degrees in temperature year round. My favourite part of the hike was enjoying the view of the tree line and the 14,000 feet Castle and Conundrum peaks in the distance.

Paria Canyon Hike

Paria Canyon Hike

Probably the most challenging hike I’m going to recommend for women starting out with hiking, the Paria Canyon Hike is a four day and three-night trip through one of the most spectacular canyons in the U.S.  Paria Canyon is listed as the longest canyon hike in the U.S. and will often have hikers wading through knee-deep water and scrambling up wet rocks. The hike is located in Utah and Arizona and allows a minimum of 20 hikers to start out each day.

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