Great New Restaurants in Charlotte

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Charlotte is home to one of the world’s greatest chefs, Wolf Gang Puck. In Charlotte he has opened a new pizza and bar themed restaurant that is one of city’s best new restaurants. Here is more information about Wolf Gang Puck Pizza and some of the other great new restaurants in Charlotte.

Wolf Gang Puck Pizza and Bar

Wolf Gang Puck Pizza and Bar is located on 6706-C Philips Place Court Charlotte, North Carolina 28210. This trendy little restaurant is located in Phillip’s Place in a grand retail area of Charlotte. The ambiance of this restaurant is very comfortable and offers an atmosphere of warmth and vivid colors that make patrons feel like they are at home. The dishes are new and come from Italian chegs. The great chefs in the kitchen have invented some of Charlottes most delectable signature pizzas. Their menu includes a wide assortment of entrees and dishes. The appetizers include Pasta Fagiloi, Crispy Calamari, Pan Roasted Museels, Chicken Meatball Al Forno, Roasted Tomato Soup, San Daniele Prosciutto. The Salads at this establishment include Tega Hills Baby Greens, Spinach Pancetta, Arugula, and their traditional house chopped salad. Wolf Gang Puck’s Pizzas include Barbeque Chicken, Provencal, Grilled Chicken and Broccolini, Pepperoni Pomodoro, Roasted Eggplant, Roasted Wild Mushroom, Spicy Pork Shrimp, Pancetta and Onion, and Prosciutto. Their pastas include Gemelli, Cavatappi, and Bucanti. They also offer sandwiches like their Roasted Chicken Panini, San Daniele Prosciutto, and Salama and Ricotta Panini.

Wolfgang Puck’s also has some of the world’s best catering services. They have set the bar high for the best customer service for their special occasions and events. They only offer the best seasonal ingredients and local cuisine. They combine their fresh food with optimal customer service by providing attention to every detail to provide the best cuisine to their patrons. They offer many discounts and deals for any event and will welcome any celebration with the most respect that it deserves. This restaurant revolves a mission of providing good quality, hospitality, and food. Wolfgang Puck also offers great deals for couples and their weddings. The catering services that they provide can accommodate any size, theme, or special requirements. They come to any location and offer their high quality menu. They offer seated and buffet meals. This restaurant will make any wedding unforgettable.

Other Great New Restaurants

Other great restaurants in Charlotte North Carolina include Casa Latina which offers Concord Mexican and Latin American, Pagoda which is located in North Charlotte and offers Asian and Chinese Buffet.
North Charlotte Chicken is fast food and officers a wide array of sandwiches and subs City Smoke is located in Downtown Charlotte and offers a menu of Barbeque, sandwiches, subs, and chicken dishes. Their cuisine is best described as Uptown American and Downtown Charlotte. If traveling to Charlotte North Carolina these are some of the best restaurants available.

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