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The goal of every traveler to a foreign country is to see the country as it really is, not some fabricated, commercialized tour that is pricey and lacking in authenticity. When you take a trip to Israel, you want to make the most of it. That means finding sites that were not just manufactured for tourists, but finding places that are real – places that speak of the true culture, history and life of the people of Israel. While there are certainly many tourists that visit the country every year, there are places that you can go where you can see buildings, people and cities that are authentic.

Old City Jerusalem


Old City Jerusalem

When traveling to Israel, one of the most authentic places to visit is Old Jerusalem. While Jerusalem does have a very modern section, when you want to see things as they once were, in all of their authenticity, you need to visit this area. Old Jerusalem has great religious significance and is still very important to many Israelites. While there, you can visit the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The place of Jesus’ crucifixion can be seen in Old Jerusalem. You will also enjoy eating the food and visiting the vendors along the Old City streets. This area of the city can easily take a day of your tour and will leave memories of a town that is full of tradition and culture.




Anyone traveling to Israel needs to visit the fortress of Masada. The historical significance and strong emotions that are tied to Masada are unmatchable. The fortress was built in 30 BC by King Herod and it has stood well through the test of time. In 68 BC, when under Roman attack, Masada was the last stronghold for the Jews. In 72 BC, however, The Romans built a huge ramp to reach them. In 73 BC, there were 960 Jewish zealots living at the top of Masada. Rather than die at the hands of their enemies, the Jews chose to commit suicide. The fort was reconstructed to pay respect to the Jews who died there out of their courage and love for their country.

Tel Aviv Carmel Market


Tel Aviv Carmel Market

Another place to get the real flavor of land in Israel is by walking the streets of the Carmel Market located in Tel Aviv. Here, you can get a taste of the real Israel, as you bargain for goods, and eat food by the town market vendors and cafes. Food, clothing and spices are available and the owners love to haggle with tourists to see who can get the best deal. Every sense of seeing, smelling and touching will be amazed at the experiences in the Carmel Market.

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