The Top Attractions of Jamaica

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Home to many luxury hotels, Jamaica is a luxurious tropical paradise filled with beautiful sights, destinations and attractions to see on holiday. From vibrant Caribbean cities to breathtaking beaches and mountains, Jamaica offers something for every holidaymaker to fall in love with. Visitors to this splendorous island are treated excellent food, gorgeous weather year round and some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful scenery as well. Here are just a few of Jamaica’s top destinations to visit while staying at one of its luxury hotels or resorts.


Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica

The colourful capital and largest city of Jamaica, Kingston hosts fascinating museums and galleries, great restaurants, interesting historical sites and much more. The city is home to renowned museums such as the National Gallery of Jamaica, one of the top art galleries in the Caribbean, as well as the Bob Marley Museum, the People’s Museum of Craft and Technology and the Arawak Museum, an institution that exhibits artefacts and cultural relics from the indigenous Arawak people. The ruins of Port Royal, the 17th century pirate city, are also worth exploring. The ruins play host to a museum that display’s the city’s history as well as the historic ruins of Fort Charles, Fort Rocky and St. Peter’s Church. The beautiful Hope Botanical Gardens and the Hope Zoo are other must-see attractions in this vibrant city. Elsewhere in Kingston, holidaymakers will find charming galleries, quaint shops and bustling markets to explore.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

The lush Blue Mountains, known for their tropical flora and dense mists, offer a wealth of hiking and nature trails and mountains to explore. The perfect place for hiking, mountain climbing, biking, bird watching and sightseeing, they are a leading destination for holidaymakers seeking an exhilarating experience. Exuding an exotic, otherworldly atmosphere, the Blue Mountains are one of Jamaica’s must-see destinations. Those seeking an escape from the bustle of cities like Kingston will not be disappointed by the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

This celebrated resort city boasts tranquil scenery, turquoise waters and some of Jamaica’s finest shops and restaurants. Montego Bay is also known for its world-renowned beaches like Cornwall Beach, Walter Fletcher Beach and Doctor’s Cave Beach. A prime location for swimming, snorkelling, diving, sunbathing and water sports, Montego Bay’s blend of leisure and luxury is hard to come by even in a place like Jamaica.


Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica

Famed for its breathtaking white-sand beaches and towering sea cliffs, Negril boasts one of the most spectacular locations in Jamaica. With its endless beaches and laid-back atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some leisure time. Negril’s stunning coastline and broad collection of luxury stores make it a prime destination for both shopping and spending some leisure time on some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches.

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