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The beautiful city of Bordeaux is known for its tolerant and relaxed environment. Bordeaux is the largest city in France and is sometimes referred to as “little Paris”. The city is full of tourist attractions and entertainment hotspots, it’s certainly a great place for couples and families alike.

Bordeaux wine

Bordeaux is a must visit for all those art lovers out there, it’s streets are lined with boutique museums and art galleries. The museum of decorative arts comprises of one hundred and fifty ancient objects from the 70’s to the 21st century. Four decorated salons can also be found designed in the 19th century genre. The National History Museum is one of the earliest of the museums in France. The museum is famous for huge collection of artifacts related to the natural world, fossil remains that determine what kind of life the earth once had is clearly shown through the imprints. National Customs Museum preserve some of the cultural heritage of France containing 5000 historical objects including paintings, uniforms and weapons used in earlier times. It also depicts the political and economic crisis in the history and the reasons why they caused, every story teaches a lesson which is how our future can be better, by working and improvising on those mistakes. This museum has saved customs of significant events like the French revolution and also the booms in trans-Atlantic trade. It comes under UNESCO’s protected site’s list

Laser Game is a place where one can enjoy thoroughly as it provides one of the fiercest action games with laser guns and plastic breastplate! Misty clouds, bridges and all kinds of obstacles await making challenges more difficult and interesting to overcome. Bordeaux is famous for making wine and you can also go for a full-day wine tour to assure yourself that no such wine yards can be present anywhere else in the world. You will be taken to the vineyards and the historic wine merchant’s district. You can have once in a lifetime chance to taste wine in a merchant’s cellar. As food and wine are the main diet in France, thus on a full day tour to the vineyards you will visit four wine regions. For the tour you leave central Bordeaux by air-conditioned coach, it takes you to this beautiful area which encompasses several villages. You can find the most identifiable, red and different kinds of wines. When sighting the entire vineyard is done you can have the most exotic dinners at Le Savoie Restaurant. When you think about a long relaxing vacation and wish to escape to somewhere relaxing Bordeaux is the place to be at.

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