5 Movies That Make You Want to Travel

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Should you find yourself settling back in after a long trip, travel movies can be a great escape. And if you were travelling without a netbook or tablet, they can also feel like quite the luxury.

Though there are not many movies that truly capture the experience of travelling in a land very different to ones own, there are a few that do. Here are what I consider to be the five greatest travel movies ever made.

The Motorcycle Diaries


Telling the true tale of one Che Guevara , the Motorcycle Diaries stars Gael Garcia Bernal as he takes the trip of a lifetime through South America. Regardless of your political affiliations, this film simply screams the emotions encountered on the open road.

Capturing quite a bit of both the regions beauty, and its past poverty, this film goes a long way towards explaining why so many people choose to spend months of their lives exploring this vast continent. It also makes you want to purchase a motorcycle.

The Good Year


The Good Year tells the story of a London stock broker whose sole aim in life is to acquire more money. During the film, an unexpected inheritance takes him on a journey away from the drab streets of London and into the French countryside.

Romance and nostalgia ensue as he begins to question what he is doing with his life.
An excellent film in that it offers an interesting illustration of just how different ones daily routine can become once taken out of the environment they have for a long time grown accustomed to.

Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation stars Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson. They meet each other at an upscale hotel in Tokyo and form a tight bond due to the fact that they are both in a strange city for reasons a little beyond their control.

Few films manage to depict just how disorientating this concrete jungle can be for westerners. Few films manage to make you want to go to Tokyo more.

Into The Wild


Into the Wild tells the tale of a young college graduate who decides to give all his money to charity and hit the road as a wandering homeless person. His worldview leads to an adventure that very few travellers are ever likely to match. His naivety however eventually leads to tragedy.

Based upon a true story, it shows you what can be gained, but also what can be lost, when someone decides to dedicate their life to the travelling ideal.

The Beach


Finally, we have the quintessential backpacker movie, The Beach. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, the film follows the exploits of a young man who heads to Thailand in search of adventure. Upon being given a map to a secluded island, like any self respecting traveller, he of course heads off to find it.

From there he encounters a beautiful French girl, an even more beautiful beach and more than one killer shark. If you’re considering going to Thailand in the near future, this film should seal the deal. It also illustrates why you should never take travel advice from a stranger named after a cartoon character.

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