The 5 Top Cheap Places To Eat In New York City

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Finding somewhere to eat is not exactly difficult if you’re in New York City, there are numerous restaurants, cafés and the like dotted around, but can you eat well for less money?

Pork Banh Mi @Banh Mi Saigon

Yes you can!
Eating for less does not mean you’ll have to visit greasy burger joints or buy your food from street vendors (Unless you want to, of course). You can enjoy high quality nutritious meals in welcoming surroundings without having to break the bank.

Jack’s Wife Freda

This restaurant that seats 40 people is one of my favorite, found at 224 Lafayette Street, Soho, you’ll find their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are very tasty and versatile.  A meal here will cost you about $20, and for that you’ll get some good size portions and a home-cooked feel to the food. Open from 8am-midnight 6 days a week and closing a few hours earlier on a Sunday, means you have every opportunity to eat good food in this stylish but welcoming restaurant.


La Montanara

Found at 168 Ludlow Street, La Montanara is a fried pizza joint that cooks some uniquely tasty pizza that is great value for money. The last time I visited this pizza joint I paid about $11 for a three course meal. This meal included something from the ‘Small bites’ menu (Rice ball or potato croquette) one of two pizzas and a dessert pizza that’s filled with nutella and either sugar or almonds. You do have to be a pizza fan to enjoy this place as that’s pretty much what the menu consists of, but everything is delicious and surprisingly cheap.


Banh Mi Saigon

Have you ever considered eating a Vietnamese sandwich? If you haven’t, now’s the time. Found at 198 Grand Street in Little Italy, New York, this eat-in or take away restaurant is a true classic that’s not to be missed. Quite simply, the food here is delicious and you’ll get a surprisingly filling sandwich from this classy joint for less than $5 (At the time of writing). The menu is not particularly big but what you do get is the opportunity to eat something fresh, tasty and unique.


Xi’an Famous Foods

If you like noodles, burgers, soup, and salads then you should get along to Xi’an Famous Foods. There and currently four Xi’an restaurants in NYC and they all serve great food at really low prices.  My favorite dish is the stewed pork hand-ripped noodles for just $6. When you eat at a Xi’an restaurant you get to see the food being cooked, so you know how fresh it is. 2 of the restaurants are in China town – 88 East Broadway and 67 Bayard Street and the remaining two can be found at 41-28 Main Street and 81 St Mark’s place. Expect queues as these restaurants are very popular. Opening times vary per location.


Sigmund’s Pretzels

If you’re looking for a really cheap and fast eat then this is the place to visit. Found at 29 Avenue B, for just $3 you can choose from 6 different flavored pretzels that have been hand-made and they all taste great. These pretzels are so good the sell fast, so make sure you get there early.


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