The Unmissable Cities of Morocco

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Morocco, found in North Africa, is famous for its stunning sandy beaches, rich culture and vibrant nightlife scene. While many people travel to Morocco to simply soak up the sun on the beach for a while, the nation’s cities boast an amazing range of attractions to explore as well as a vibrant nightlife scene. What follows is an overview of some of the best cities in Morocco.



The coastal city of Agadir is one of Morocco’s most popular destinations. Walking through the old Medina area feels like steeping back in time, and there are plenty of interesting buildings such as forts to explore here. The city is also blessed with its fair share of stretches of golden sand for visitors to unwind on for an hour or two.


Marche Central, Casablanca

The city of Casablanca is the perfect place to party, and there are numerous bars and nightclubs to be found here. Shopping in the Marche Central is a popular pastime among visitors, while surfers travel to Casablanca from all over the world to ride the waves that crash against the shore.


Lamp for sale @Fez, Morocco

The medieval city of Fez is a great place to visit to get a feel for Morocco’s rich history and culture. The marketplaces here are particularly vibrant, making Fez an excellent place to shop for souvenirs. Many of the buildings in the oldest sections of the city date back to the 10th century and have stood the tests of time remarkably well. Fez is also a good place to sample traditional Moroccan dishes such as Tagine, Harera and couscous.


Marrakech markets

Marrakech is home to one of Morocco’s most famous traditional markets, and bargain hunters are sure to find plenty to catch their eye here. Marrakesh was once Morocco’s political and cultural centre, and this is a great place to watch a performance of traditional Moroccan music and dancing. Visitors will also want to take a tour of Marrakech’s many impressive buildings, which include the Koutoubiya Mosque, Bandiâ Palace, Ben Youssef Madrasa, Kasbah, Bandiâ Palace and the Place Jamaâ El Fna.


Downtown Tangier

Wandering through the winding alleys of Tangier is an uplifting experience that should not be missed by visitors to Morocco. The streets here are full of colour and chaos, and numerous street vendors gather to catch the attention of people as they pass by. One of the best ways to enjoy Tangier is by taking a seat at a pavement café and watching the scene unfold while sipping a cup of fresh Moroccan coffee.

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