The 5 Best Beaches In Spain You Must Visit

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Spain is said to have the best beaches in the world, as they are pure ecologically and are numerous and almost uncountable in numbers. Spain has both long and small private beaches. In total, they add up to more than 1700. Here are some suggestions on the beaches you can visit while in Spain.

1. Costa Daroda


Playa Costa Dorada

Playa Costa Dorada, image source


This can be translated as Gold Coast in Spanish and it is located on the coast of Catalonia. It is located in the province of Tarragona. It is a popular tourist attraction and has a long coastline. The sand, the weather and the water are perfect for swimming. This would be a good getaway trip for your family.

There are small villages that surround it which are rich in culture and have a lot of history. You can surf or even go wind surfing on this beach. A number of sports facilities offer tennis courts as well as golf courses. You can also engage in fishing as an activity if you happen to enjoy fishing. The place also has many entertainment hubs that one can go to relax in.

2. Costa Brava


Costa Brava

Situated in the province of Girona, Costa Brava is in the northern part of Catalonia. Costa Brava means Wild Coast in Spanish. It has very good climate in the summer and the beaches are excellent. The area is surrounded by mountains that make little bays. The scenery is magnificent and the sandy beaches make tourists want to come back and visit. These mountains have pine as well as olive groves growing on them adding to the natural beauty.

3. Costa Blanca


Costa Blanca

In Spanish, it means White Beach probably because of how white the beach is. It has warm climate even when it is winter. It is surrounded by tangerine and orange trees and has about 305 sunny days in a year. The architecture that surrounds it is also a great tourist attraction. The buildings with elements of gothic architecture as well as those of modern architecture are fascinating.

4. Costa de Sol

Costa de Sol

Meaning Sun Coast is found in the southern coast of the country in the Alicante province. It has some of the best and most prestigious resorts in Spain. The rich in Spain have residences in the area and so the area is very prestigious. Customs have been maintained in the area and it is what makes this place unique.

5. Costa Calida


Costa Calida

Found in the province of Murcia, the beach has sandy sleeves as the name suggests. It is the only place in Spain where you can swim in two seas in the same day. However, it has a high salt content, which makes the temperature slightly higher than that in the Mediterranean Sea.

These beaches are among the most popular in Spain and you should make an effort to visit at least three of them when you go to Spain on a vacation. Costa Daroda, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa de Sol and Costa Calida are among the five best beaches in Spain so remember to visit them! And don’t forget to try spanish dishes: 5 Foods You Have to Try in Spain

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  1. Indeed all the beaches in Spain are located in picturesque settings. Spain offers a huge variety of beaches that have different varieties of sand. Due to varying colors and textures of sand, the beaches in Spain are unique.

    • Hi Dennis van Zuijlekom, Thank you for letting me know. I have changed the photo to the correct one. I am really appreciate for your comment.

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