The World’s Top Seafood Restaurants

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A delectable cuisine for what is believed to be more than 40 thousand years, seafood is a hot commodity and tasty treat around the world. Exquisite seafood restaurants are located in dozens of countries, but it takes an extraordinary restaurant and chef to be considered one of the world’s top seafood restaurants.

Mul Yam

Seafood in the garden @Mul Yam
Seafood in the garden @Mul Yam

Garnered as one of the world’s best seafood restaurants by esteemed critics such as the New York Times, Mul Yam is a quaint Cape Cod-style restaurant that happens to be located thousands of miles away in Tel Aviv, Israel. The restaurant flies in high quality seafood several times a week, guaranteeing that it is always fresh. The fantastically creative kitchen serves up a range of appetizers and main courses on the ever-changing menu. One day’s menu may include crispy gnocchi with a pumpkin cream and the next will offer up cold lobster salad. Dessert is a separate affair at Mul Yam and is not to be missed.


Asador Extebarri

Asador Extebarri
Asador Extebarri

Situated in a tiny village in Spain, Asador Extebarri is the brain child of self-taught chef Victor Arguinzoniz. Described as “The Grill Genius of Spain”, Arguinzoniz smokes and grills his seafood on charcoal that he prepares himself daily, using equipment that he built with his own two hands. Guests of Asador Extebarri can expect to dine on anything from oysters to caviar, all grilled without recipes and using only Arguinzoniz’s instincts. Listed as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, baby eel season runs during the winter months and is one of the restaurant’s most popular cuisines.

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Lure fishbar
Lure fishbar

A combination raw bar and fish house dotted with decor reminiscent of a luxury yacht, Lure is situated beneath the bustling streets of SoHo in New York City. Although Lure’s menu changes often, there are some popular staples that guests are sure to find each and every time they visit. Sushi and sashimi can reliably be found, as can the restaurant’s popular bluepoint oysters and tuna burgers. Lure serves lunch and dinner daily with brunch specials on the weekend. The restaurant’s daily specials and extensive cocktail menu brings in a sophisticated crowd looking to relax after a long day at the office.

Lulu’s at Homeport Marina

Seafood gumbo @Lulu's at Homeport Marina
Seafood gumbo @Lulu’s at Homeport Marina

Jimmy Buffett isn’t the only talent in his family. His sister, Lucy, is owner of Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, a casual and laid back seafood restaurant located along Alabama’s shorelines. The Southern-style restaurant serves up a variety of kid-friendly dishes that will have the whole family drooling. Fried green tomatoes, a Southern staple, are on the menu daily. The fun restaurant is great for families and features family-friendly musicians performing every evening.

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