The New Trends for American Travelers

28 December of 2012 by

With the ever evolving trends in vacations for Americans, see what has changed or stayed the same over the last couple of years.

Some of the factors that vary are things like the amount of money spent, the kind of activities that is popular, or favorite season to travel will vary with time.

While summertime is still the most popular season for traveling, just like before, however, autumn is quickly becoming a new choice for those who are seeking discounted shopping and opportunity to avoid the crowds of people. Taking a closer look at the summer vacations, according to the most recent survey, the average cost per vacationer is $1,200.

Next up, we will take a look at cities that will take a lot out of your wallet just for spending time there. New York City, an obvious one, sits at the top, and then there is Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Honolulu.  Do you think this list is surprising or expected?

The New Trends for American Travelers

See more by checking out the infographic! 
Infographic by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.



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