Things To Do And See In Northampton

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Whether you are choosing to visit Northampton for social reasons or as part of a business excursion, there are plenty of things to do and see. No matter what your areas of interest are, you are bound to find something to do to fit your needs. You will never have the opportunity to get bored with a trip to Northampton and no matter what size of budget you have, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

All Saints Church, Northampton
All Saints Church, Northampton by Mr Thomas Piskortz, Creative Common Licence


If you enjoy indulging in a spot of retail therapy (let’s face it who doesn’t), there are plenty of choices in Northampton. There are shopping centres in all of the main towns and retail parks out with these where you can pick up some bargains. If you want to enjoy some of the delicacies of the town, the farmers markets are the perfect place to find some fresh produce. If you are looking for something a bit more unique in your shopping experience, you will find the shopping villages have lots to offer and are ideal if you want to pick up gifts for your loved ones.


There are plenty of options for apartments in Northampton, both in the town or other areas out with the town. These apartments cater for both group and family stays, so that you get the most from your visit. You can expect the most luxurious furnishings and modern appliances in your accommodation, so you get your money’s worth out of your stay. No matter what your budget is, there are affordable options for accommodation in Northampton.

Food and Drink

No matter what you are looking for in your food and drink facilities, there are plenty of options in Northampton. If you want to enjoy the best cuisine the town has to offer, you will find an abundance of restaurants to choose from. If you prefer some food on the go, the fast foods and takeaways will provide plenty of choice, as well as the pub grub offered in many of the facilities around the town. If you want to take advantage of a warm cup of coffee after your shopping excursions, you will find lots of coffee shops to suit your needs. If you prefer something a bit wilder when it comes to your food and drink options, you will find bars and nightclubs to suit all ages and tastes. There are food and drink facilities for both young and old, with even the children taken care of.


There is never a dull moment when it comes to entertainment options in Northampton and these cater for both couples and families. You can enjoy the wonders of motor racing and experience the traditional sights of the railways. There are also zoos which are a great way to keep the children entertained throughout their stay. If you like to enjoy a bit of history, there are also museums and galleries for everyone to enjoy, as well as historic houses to indulge your imagination. The main attractions are easy to get to, with many easily accessible by foot.

Sports and Leisure

If you still want to enjoy some of your favourite sports throughout your stay, you will find plenty of gyms in the area which offer all of the best equipment to help you get the best out of your visit. Some of the apartments in Northampton also provide sports facilities, so you don’t even need to go out the door to get the most out of your fitness. You will also find spas in some of the accommodation options so you can get the most of your leisure time.

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