Exploring Morocco

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Morocco is a country with a fantastic clash of cultures accompanied by beautiful weather all year round. If you’re considering a trip there, you’ll need to think about which area will suit you best – from the Mediterranean coast at the north to the Atlas Mountains stretching across the middle and the semi-arid desert in the south.

Exploring Morocco
Exploring Morocco by Jeremy Cherfas, Creative Common Licence

Known as the Red City because of the red sandstone used in its buildings, you cannot skip a visit to Marrakech. Formerly one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, it is steeped in history and culture with hundreds of ancient buildings surrounded by stunning gardens. And the most amazing experience you can have there? A trip to one of the souks. Located mostly in the Medina (the Old City), a traditional souk is a maze of market stalls that are a bustle of colour, noise and smell. You can barter on everything from spices to livestock, and you’ll be amazed by the amazing choice of beautiful fabrics.

traditional fabrics
Traditional fabrics by micmol, Creative Common Licence
Marrakech by garretkeogh, Creative Common Licence

With so many cheap holidays available to Morocco, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So if the hustle and bustle of the cities isn’t for you and you’d prefer to head away from them, the rest of the country will charm you with its beauty. The beaches along the Mediterranean offer all the usual perks of a sun, sea and sand holiday including stretches of sparkling sands and water sports such as jet skiing, snorkelling and surfing.

Oualidia Morocco
Oualidia Morocco by Siri B.L., Creative Common Licence

There are a number of more cultural experiences to partake in if you head further south. You’d
be best visiting the arid areas beyond the Atlas Mountains between November and April to head off into the desert for a unique trip: a desert trek in which you’ll spend time camping in authentic Berber tents. Watching the sunset over the elegantly rolling sand dunes will be an experience you’ll never forget. For families travelling with younger kids, a camel trip through the desert might be more suitable. If these trips are a little too out there for you and your family, the mountains offer a range of activities in amongst the winding rivers and tiny Berber villages such as mountain biking and horse riding.

Morocco Atlas Mountains Berber
Morocco Atlas Mountains Berber by Stu-bearCreative Common Licence

Morocco is a brilliant mish-mash of Arabic, African and French cultures, and this is reflected in the choice of foods on offer. You can’t possibly leave Morocco without sampling an authentic tagine, and there are plenty of other traditional foods available from street vendors such as shish kebabs and chick peas roasted in spices.

Morocco really does have something for everybody to enjoy, be it the relaxing beaches of Agadir, the historic centres of Marrakech and Fez or the rugged mountain terrains.

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