Top 5 Unusual Holiday Experiences Across The World

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If you’re the sort of person who likes your holidays to be predictable affairs, with hours spent lazing around on the beach or by the swimming pool, followed by food and drink native to your home country, then this isn’t for you.

North Korea
North Korea, Creative Common Licence

Alternatively, if you’re the sort of person who heads to a destination or searches for a holiday with an open mind, we’re about to show you some brilliant ideas for holidays that you probably didn’t think were possible. Here are the top 5 unusual, yet inspirational, holiday experiences that you can find around the world.

Vampire Hunting in Serbia

Whenever vampire legends in Europe are mentioned, most people automatically think about Dracula and the Transylvania region of Romania. However, in neighboring Serbia, a vampire based holiday experience exists that hasn’t yet come to the attention of the wider world.

We don’t want to put you off, so we won’t go into too much detail, but the legend is that for the past 300 years there has been a large vampire stalking the forested areas in the north of the country.

This isn’t your regular tale, either; the risk is taken very seriously in the surrounding villages, so much so that garlic and crosses are always checked to ensure their supply is plentiful.

Quad Bike Safari

Most people find the idea of a safari exhilarating, so imagine what it is like when you’re in control of your vehicle, and have the chance to explore some of Africa’s most beautiful natural landscape on your own steam?

Of course, there are trails to keep to and guides who will ensure you’re safe, but this eliminates the traditional jump in the jeep, stop, take a photograph, and carry on nature of most safari holidays.

Skiing in Australia

How many people even know that it snows in Australia? Or that in the southeastern corner of the country is an area called the Australian Alps?

Even if you did know that, the reality is still that you probably associate a holiday in Australia with driving through the outback, or exploring great cities. If you do choose to go skiing in Australia, you can still do that by using Transfercar campervan hire; take in the Great Ocean Road, or check out Sydney, before driving into the mountains and hitting the piste.

Antarctic Expeditions

Antarctica is probably the last place on Earth you’d think about taking a holiday, but if you choose to do so you’ll be exposed to some of the most stunning wildlife you will ever see. You’ll also be able to put yourself in a unique group of people who have actually traveled to the bottom of the Earth, and have the opportunity to either sail around Antarctica or take to the landmass itself for a look around.
How often do you get the chance to take up close photographs of penguins without going to the zoo?

Touring North Korea

Okay, so we might have usurped our previous suggestion around the last place you’d think to travel, but there is no question that there is a lot of beauty to be discovered in North Korea. The downside is that you’ll be accompanied everywhere (and we mean everywhere!) and have limited potential for creating permanent holiday memories with photographs.

Unusual Travel Opportunities

Why take a run of the mill holiday when you can go to some of the most diverse places on Earth and take in some of the most unique experiences to be found anywhere? Whether it is hunting for vampires, skiing in a largely sun bathed and hot country, or traveling to the bottom of the planet, these are all experiences that deliver much more than two weeks by the pool.



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